Spreading Awareness: Our Interactive Health Camps

Prevention of Diseases for the Masses : Two approaches

Innovating right diagnostics needed for the masses of India
Creating awareness among the masses

  • A 45 minute affordable instrument free highly accurate blood test in easy  yes/no format  

  • Detects actual heart attack (AMI)  

  • Rules out AMI in non-AMI non-emergency cases with similar symptoms

  • Can detect heart attack as early as 1hr after onset of AMI

  • Rural healthcare workers can use it and detect emergency cases, which can be directed to nearest hospitals

  • Hospitals without 2D Echo cardiograph can easily detect or rule out AMI

  • Hospitals with 2D Echocardiograph cannot scan mutiple patients at a time, this test can screen mutiple patients simultaneously

  • This test can predict recurrence of heart attack

  • Novel animal free reagent based

Our health camp in our remote village Ramnagar, located off Sainthia, District Birbhum, West Bengal. We focused on anemia problem among teen agers, and we discussed the cause, the effect, the detection and the remedy. The youngsters were very enthusiastic in doing their own diagnosis by using a hemoglobinometer and preparing blood smears on slides. The workshop also included a healthy nutritious lunch comprising of rice, dal, mixed vegetable, egg curry, tomato chutney, rassogolla and omnipresent alu posto.

​​Our health camp with adolescent girls in Ramnagar, a remote village without doctor, of Sainthia, dist Birbhum, West Bengal.

•The problem: Infection in blood causes fever and sepsis in babies and adults.  if aggravated.  Lack of early  and accurate detection leads to suffering, exposure to unwanted antibiotics and in extreme cases, death

•Our solution: A super-sensitive, 4 hour, affordable molecular test for ordinary hospitals and path labs. The test  quickly scans through multiple pathogens causing fever/sepsis in adults/ new born.  It guides doctors to quickly decide and avoid unnecessary antibiotics

•It’s better: More sensitive, accurate and sometimes quicker than currently practiced tests like culture, microscopy etc

•What’s revolutionary : Our novel format and an inexpensive innovative  instrument enables super-powerful molecular tests to be routinely practiced in any ordinary  hospital/ path lab with existing manpower and infrastructure and minimal investment on new instruments 

 A Blood Test For Heart Attack  or Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)

Blood Test For Fever/ Sepsis in neonates and adults

DiagnoRite’s Crusade with Modern Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics based blood tests are supposed to give highly accurate diagnosis within hours. However, in India, results of molecular diagnostics are never shared same day of patient visit. Often patients pay a fortune for these tests, but actual treatment is done on presumptive diagnosis. While exploring the reasons behind this, we found that most molecular diagnostics based tests are imported and come in a closed format, where multiple patient samples testing together can only make the tests commercially viable. Therefore, the hospitals or laboratories wait for almost a week till enough patient samples are collected. In addition, the tests are complicated; need special instruments, infrastructure and specialized manpower. Our social techno-start-up took the challenge to change the scenario. We are poised to innovate blood tests that are indigenous and affordable, can work in any healthcare setup and allow common man to access true same day molecular diagnostics.

We have two platform technologies. The first one is being used to develop a blood test that can detect heart attack at the earliest. The second one focuses on presence of pathogens can cause fever or in worst scenario, sepsis. If properly used, our second test can minimize use of antibiotics and this is the fruit of our second crusade against drug resistance among pathogens.