Our Innovations 


Our Mission

DiagnoRite Innovative Healthcare 

 (A  Social Techno -Start Up inc. 2014 )

Dedicated to Innovation  Based Diagnostics

​Formerly Known As G.M. Biotech

 Prevention of Diseases for the Masses

We innovate affordable, early and accurate diagnostics to fill the unmet needs of India. Our diagnostics may save lives by early detection, prevent spreading of infectious diseases and prevent recurrence of deadly diseases like heart attack. We have also taken action to stop spreading of drug resistant pathogens by developing early detection systems for drug resistant pathogens. 

Since prevention is better than cure, we actively particiate in creating disease awareness among people. We often organize heath-camps as well. 

A Simple blood test for earliest and reliable  detection of heart attack in any Indian urban or rural set-up

A same day  molecular diagnostics based blood test that can be praticed in any Indian hospital set-up and scan pathogens causing fever /sepsis and also screen for antibiotic resistant pathogens